Heavy Duty Flooring for Solid Waste, Mining Heavy Equipment, Industrial.

The Waste & Recycling Industry is a $500 billion global industry that impacts the life of every American, and likely employs more people than any other industry. This industry sector impacts public and private Hauling Companies, Demolition Contractors, Scrap Dealers, Recyclers, Landfill Operators, Transfer Stations, and more throughout North America. Tipping Floors are the most abused component of the operation and NACT brings proven, long-lasting, cost-effective solutions.


Concrete Vault Repairs and Waterproofing

Utilizing a wide variety of materials and manufacturing methods, combined with expert engineers collectively working together, NACT provides many variations of municipal and commercial vault repairs that are designed to meet customers’ specific needs. Vaults can be configured in numerous shapes and sizes for a variety of purposes. They are designed to provide ease of installation, requiring installers to simply connect vaults to incoming and outgoing pipes, and power sources. NACT brings solutions for repair, waterproofing and emergency shoring needs.


Resinous Floor and Wall Systems

Because NACT members routinely work in areas covering the entire nation, our organization is able to deliver consistent quality polymer floor and wall coating results. With one contact, the client can mobilize a regional expert crew with the comfort of that crew’s local accountability.

We commonly work within food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and technology facilities.


Epoxy and Urethane Injection Systems

Whether its structural repair or water control, NACT members bring years of combined experience in chemical grouting to your particular needs.


Concrete Floor Repair and Maintenance

NACT Brings the best technologies and most effective solutions to all your concrete floor needs. Joint, shoulder and crack repair, dust proofing, and polishing are everyday projects for our member crews.

NACT is organized to provide national maintenance solutions to multi-facility owners.


Waterproofing and Moisture Control

Given the breadth of geographic coverage NACT possesses, we have multiple solutions depending on whatever type of weather or climate challenge you face.

NACT’s waterproofing and moisture control processes are effective in from residential, commercial to industrial arenas.

Whatever waterproofing challenges are present, we have proven solutions.


Concrete Strengthening

From Carbon Fiber to Glass Fiber, from Concrete Enlargement to Post Tensioning Repairs, NACT members bring years of successful experience to owners and engineers nationwide.


Concrete Repairs and Preservation

From parking structures to sewage treatment plants, from seawalls to bridges and dams, NACT brings the resources and expertise to provide national repair services with state-of-the-art technologies. to any of your concrete repair needs.


Protective and Containment Coatings

For Primary and Secondary Containment scenarios, we have solutions to most every situation. We rely on the nation’s best material suppliers to provide proven technologies. Because of NACT’s member locations we can service your needs nationally.


Expansion Joint Systems, Caulking and Sealants

From exotic seismic joint systems to compression or blow up systems, again we deliver “Assured Value”. Whether you need Urethane, silicone or polysulfide systems NACT members bring entire solutions to your buildings needs.


Polyurea Systems Containment and Repair

Several NACT members were the founders of Envirochem Technologies the first company dedicated to this technology. Because of NACT’s intimacy with this technology and continuing vendor partnerships, NACT remains a reliable and trusted vehicle for containment protection and repair using the most advanced polyurea chemistries.


Transportation Infrastructure Rehabilitation

NACT Members routinely rehabilitate bridge structures, dams, pipelines, refineries and highways. As always, we utilize the best technologies in pursuit of “Permanence” to each project.


Forensic Evaluations

Utilizing a variety of both in-house and outside consultants, NACT has resources available to provide owners with honest, progressive solutions to address client needs.

We, and therefore you, benefit from these relationships with the country’s foremost engineering and forensic firms.


Maintenance and Validation Services

Utilizing a variety of both in-house and outside consultants, NACT has resources available to provide owners with honest, progressive solutions to address client needs.

We, and therefore you, benefit from these relationships with the country’s foremost engineering and forensic firms.


  • Two Component Polymers
  • Dual Component Polymer Pump
  • Cementitious Flooring (Screed, Finish, Truck Fed)
  • Pressure Inject (Chemical Grouts)
  • High Performance Flooring Systems
  • Rapid Cure Polyurea Systems
  • Concrete Repair, Reinforcing and Strengthening
  • Chemical and Particulate Grouting
  • Seamless Floor and Wall Systems
  • Carbon and Glass Fiber Systems
  • Epoxy, MMA, Polyurea, Urethane Cement Technologies
  • Confined Space Work
  • Terrazzo, Concrete Polishing


  • Waterproofing, Moisture Control
  • Corrosion Control
  • Concrete Pipe Repairs
  • Expansion Joint Systems
  • Concrete Floor and Joint Restoration
  • Primary and Secondary Containment
  • Forensic Evaluations
  • Validation and Maintenance Programs
  • Elastomeric Roof and Deck Systems
  • Post Tensioning Repairs
  • Masonry and Stone Restoration
  • High Rise and Parking Structure Repairs
  • Caulking and Sealants

The purpose of NACT is to deliver consistent quality to owners across North America.