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We believe that doing the right things for our stakeholders results in satisfied customers and expands opportunities for all.

We believe profit will flow from being authentically helpful.

We believe that collaborative efforts are the most efficient means of problem-solving.


We believe that caring for the environment and the community are important issues for our society

We believe that listening is the basis for understanding and action is the basis for leadership.

NACT a Benefit Corporation


We partner with
everyone in the supply chain, from chemical producers to formulators of coatings, adhesives, and sealants, and cementitious products, to the installer/contractors, all the way to our ultimate and mutual customer.


We develop a sense of trust by providing options and explain the benefits, shortcomings and cost so that our customers can make informed, collaborative decisions


We are combining significant talent and expertise in a way that will better serve our customers. In so doing the right things, we will benefit all of our collaborative partners, the environment and our community.


NACT is North America’s premier specialty contractor organization in the arena of repairing, restoring, protecting concrete assets and related disciplines.

The concept of North American Construction Technology (NACT) was borne out of our recognition that there are few effective means of delivering consistent quality outcomes to multiple site owners across North America who have a need for concrete restoration and protection. As we considered how we might create real value in addressing this unmet need, it became apparent that we must include the right technology, the right sales force, the right team of installer/contractors, the right environmental and safety Programs, the right attitude concerning partnership, problem solving and quality, the right skills to identify specific opportunities and the right tools
for measuring performance and outcome. And all this has to be done across the broad geography of North America. A primary reason this need is unmet is because no one organization in the supply chain possesses all of the requisite skill sets to provide the desired result. Clearly, success demands a collaborative approach.

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