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Our goal is to accelerate new technology validation throughout the supply chain.  Our collaborative partners are a key to the success in bringing these technologies to market through evaluation and field trials within the group's unique disciplines.     



Obtain clarity of specific market needs directly from supply chain


Quick access of new product field trials with written feedback 

Worker with Glasses

Sharing best practices eg. safety, installation processes 


Access to material improvements in cost, time and environment and health concerns.


In addition to improving solution performances, we deliver to the Owner a reduced Total Cost of Ownership over most currently utilized solutions.


As a Public Benefit Corporation, our Stakeholder Collaboration has and will continue to deliver new solutions with favorable environment and health impact.

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NACT Uniquely Creates Stakeholder Benefits

The goal of the North American Construction Technology (NACT) is to deliver a combination of
benefits not offered like this elsewhere. Foremost, our members and partners strive to deliver
the absolute best value to each project to minimize the facility owner’s Total Cost of

NACT pursues Continuous Improvement through our Connect, Communicate and Collaborate
equals Benefits processes (3C’s = B). As such, we constantly strive to provide ever-improving
results employing new, yet proven developments in products and procedures.

A significant benefit from our 3C’s = B and Continuous Improvement has been developments
enabling the use of materials not detrimental to the Environment. We strive to partner with the
Best of the Best throughout our Stakeholder partnerships.

Additionally, we adhere to our policy of Transparency in order to avoid misunderstandings,
inaccurate communications or unverifiable statements.

Outline of Stakeholder Benefits

NACT Stakeholders


  • Chemical raw material suppliers

  • Product formulators

  • Installer/Contractors

  • Employees and agents

  • Specification community, Architects and Engineers

  • General Contractors

  • Asset owners, especially multiple site owners

  • Community

Chemical raw material suppliers


  • Obtain clarity of specific market needs directly from supply chain

  • Access to contractor and end user ideas and opportunities

  • Allows test marketing of new technology to refine product performance

  • Field testing of concept products by actual installers

  • Assist in pull through marketing

  • Case histories of products and performance


Product Formulators


  • Quick access of new product field trials with written feedback

  • Case histories of new product success

  • Identification of new product opportunities

  • Partnering in closing sustainable relationships with strategic accounts

  • Sales Revenue growth through group purchases

  • Collaboration with contractors accelerates new technology/product introduction

  • Claim reduction through relationship with quality contractors


Installer/Contractor Members


  • Cost savings through Group Purchasing

  • Reduces sales cost through participation in strategic accounts

  • Business expansion opportunities through new skills

  • Early awareness of new technology

  • Increased sales revenue and competitive advantage through partnership/joint ventures with other members

  • Sharing best practices eg. safety, installation processes

  • Become part of a new business model that changes the game


NACT Employees and Agents


  • Employees and agents will share in the value generated by success.

  • Executives will have a cap on salary. Bonuses will be based on contribution Architects and Engineers

  • Awareness of new technology/products

  • Collaboration throughout supply chain provides best value to owners

  • Partnering with NACT contractor members reduces claims and job problems

  • Understand solution options with features and benefits for owners

  • Improves relationships with Strategic Accounts by bringing collaboration of multiple companies, each with different skills and qualifications

  • Consistent results and performance across owner’s multiple sites and locations


General Contractors

  • Consistent quality results

  • Best practices for installation and safety programs

  • Understanding features and benefits of solution options

  • Reduction in job problems and claims

  • Unified supply chain in problem resolution

  • All coating/product suppliers are potential collaborative partners; provide best technical solution and value

  • Assistance in meeting federal requirements for minority businesses


Asset owners –The ultimate customer

  • Best technological solution; not tied to specific supplier

  • Options provided; define benefit/sacrifices vs cost

  • Consistent installation across North America

  • Single point of contact

  • Single source contract for material and labor if desired

  • Warranty with annual follow up

  • Consistent safety program

  • Track CIP/TCO programs



  • Reduce carbon footprint with local contractors.

  • Select the safest products available with the required performance

  • Safe work environment for contractors and customers

  • Reduce VOCs through selection of best technology

  • Provide increased employment through business growth


Our Beliefs as a Public Benefit Corp.


  • We believe that doing the right things for our stakeholders results in satisfied customers and expands opportunities for all.

  • We believe profit will flow from being authentically helpful.

  • We believe that collaborative efforts are the most efficient means of problem solving.

  • We believe that caring for the environment and the community are important issues for our society

  • We believe that listening is the basis for understanding and action is the basis for leadership.

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