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COLLABORATION made the safety claim true.

NACT Collaboration Project

with S3 Surface Solutions

Through the process of understanding the benefits of utilizing Surface Prep from S3 Surface Solutions, we learned that one of the unique advantages is that as long as the effluent remaining on a concrete surface has a pH of more than 5, it can be directed to a waste water facility.

Since we knew the ingredients were acceptable for such disposal, we questioned whether the spent residue also was appropriate for the same removal process.

In COLLABORATION with S3, the NACT group proceeded to find out. S3 delivered Surface Prep material to several NACT members, who cleaned and profiled a concrete floor. This was done across the breadth of the United States in order to investigate effluent from this process in various regions of the country.

As illustrated below, each effluent sample is visually different. The samples were returned to S3 who, in turn, had the effluent content chemically evaluated. The result determined that there were no constituents to the effluent solution present that precluded the effluent from being rinsed down a drain to a waste water facility.

Upon further questioning by the NACT group, the product formulator researched, and thus provides, an additive that can be mixed with the effluent to adjust the pH to an acceptable level. Additionally, the formulator later provided a material that can be used to turn the liquid effluent into a non-harmful solid which can be disposed of as solid waste, appropriate for placement in a landfill.

This is a strong example of NACT and its COLLABORATIVE PARTNERS creating a synergy to determine absolutely that the Surface Prep procedure is environmentally safe as stated. Without this COLLABORATION of formulator (Protocol Products), distributor and marketer (S3 Surface Solutions) and contractor (NACT and its members), the statement of safety was theoretical. COLLABORATION made the safety claim true.

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