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Cloverland Electric, Sault Sainte Marie, MI

Cloverland Electric Hydro Plant  – work performed by Merit Construction Services

Type of Repair: Concrete Repair and Arch Stone Replacement at “North Wall”

Outline of Work Performed: Install appropriate shoring to access the worksite, Shore adjacent un-faulted stones to refusal, both in and outside of the window frame,  Shore faulted stones individually or collectively to prevent further cracking, Clean out all vertical and head joints (full thickness and install temporary shims), Reposition faulted stonework (individually or collectively) by jacking, shimming and other appropriate means that does not damage existing stonework, Install supplemental Shear pins with epoxy grout (at 45 degrees – front and back) interconnecting the previously faulted stonework with the adjacent stable sections, Install deep Joint mortar tuck-pointing to seal the excavated joint cavity, Install injection ports or sleeves at the vertical and head joints for grout installation, Pre-wet the joint faces and install cementitious grout by pumping, Retain shoring until grout has initial set. Install trim-out grouting to seal window frame.

Results:  Repairs to the failed/faulted arch stones (precast concrete units) above the large Windows and crack repair in the natural stonework above the faulted segments.

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