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Surveying in the 21st Century

 Laser scanning and digital modeling technology can provide a look into your facility like you have never seen before. Using portable high precision laser CMMs (coordinate measuring machines), a fully rendered 3D model of your facility can be captured. This model accurately captures the existing condition and location of all surfaces providing information that is invaluable to facility managers, operators, engineers and owners alike. Original construction drawings and even as‐builts only provide conceptual details and don’t evolve as your facility ages and improvements are made.

A scan requires little to no interruptions to your operations, and can be completed in less than 2 hours on site. Access your 3D model information whenever you need to through an online resource that’s easy to share. Store measurements and location tagged notes indefinitely.

A 3D scanned model provides valuable data on the current condition of your floor and a high strength bonded overlay repair is the best way to protect the operation of your floor. Together these processes work to ensure safety, reduce operational impact, lower repair costs and increase the overall efficiency of your operation.

3D Model and Evaluation Report: A valuable tool to asses the current condition of your floor and plan for the future. A single scan and site evaluation is completed at the facility, with a focus on the high traffic and wear locations. Hazardous locations such as exposed rebar, spalling concrete, exposed embedment’s etc. are identified and mapped. Process recommendations, repair budgets and estimated lifespan forecasts are included in a comprehensive deliverable. The 3D digital model is provided through online access and/or digital files and creates a benchmark that can be used for the lifespan of the facility.

Repair Project Planning and Tracking: When repair of your floor is needed repair planning and tracking scans provide the valuable information you need to properly plan the appropriate repair and ensure that you get a quality result. One initial scan is done in order to evaluate the current conditions, wear patterns, and elevations. This scan allows for the proper materials and quantities to be selected for the right areas of your floor, ensuring that your budget is well allocated. Following the execution of the repair work an additional scan is completed. This scan and associated deliverable’s validate that the repair was completed in accordance with the project plans and creates a benchmark for monitoring of the floor going forward.

Wearing Rate Monitoring and Projections: At regular intervals (recommended yearly) additional scans are completed and compared with the benchmarks previously established. This information provides wear rates and projection information to allow for budgeting and planning for necessary repair work. Knowing how much time you have before your floor starts exposing rebar or becoming  structurally vulnerable moves you from a reactionary operation to a proactive operation. The regularly provided deliverable’s give you up to date information on your facility as a whole equipping you with information to better prepare and react to the continual challenges of transfer station operation.

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